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daevux 12-12-02 05:02 PM

2.5.x status
Does anyone know when the nvidia driver will compile and run on 2.5?

logan 12-12-02 07:27 PM

When 2.6 is released. :P

There's some patches for 2.5 against 1.0-3123, however they don't work with 2.5.48+ (?) due to numerous changes with modules.

The two pages I've been watching that contain patches haven't been updated for some time.


daevux 12-12-02 07:31 PM

Darn, I run 2.5.50.

Noth 12-12-02 10:49 PM

2.5.x kernels are development and it would be stupid for nVidia to try and follow them, well atleast a waste of time.

logan 12-14-02 10:09 PM

Updated patches for ~2.5.51 for 1.0-4191 at http://www.minion.de/nvidia.html

I've run a quick /timedemo four in q3a, worked alright, nothing beside that. First time in 2.5 with good drivers. :)

Some of the past comments about these patches sound like there may be problems with X hanging on exit.

Update --

Well, so far so good. Been running this for a few days playing some RTCW and everything seems alright.

A note for anyone trying to change to 2.5, you'll need a new modutils package (now module-init-tools) from http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kern...rusty/modules/

It's easiest to just install (/usr/local) module-init-tools (I'm using 0.9.3), cd /sbin and mkdir old ; mv *mod* old/ ; ln -s /usr/local/sbin/*mod* ./

Take care with the above, it's more of a general guideline (of what to move/look for) than a runnable command, I don't want you to lose something important that isn't part of modutils. :P

You'll also want to put the system modutils package on "hold" so future distro updates don't overwrite the new files.

Also, I had problems with 2.5.51 automatically loading the module, but modprobe/insmod nvidia.o worked. Debian has /etc/modules for loading modules on boot, so I just threw it in there.

logan 12-18-02 06:18 PM

If anyone is using this patch and downloaded prior to December 17th, there's been an update that fixes an rmap related memory leak.


* This version fixes a memory leak in the PTE lookup macro on Linux 2.5 or 2.4-rmap kernels, where calls to pte_offset_map were not properly matched by calls to pte_unmap (see the recent "rmap and nvidia?" thread on the LKML for details).

For those not into the 1.0-4191 drivers, there are patches for 1.0-3123 as well as an update that allows it to work with ~2.5.48+ kernels.

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