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Vagrant Zero 05-20-05 11:04 AM

Forums Slow?
Hey guys I woke up today and since it's part of the morning ritual I checked the forums only to notice they're slow as all hell. I'm talking clicking a link can take over 15 seconds to load and I'm on a 6mbit. I've tried mutiple browsers, all same, tried other websites, they load very fast. Is there some kind of server problem on yours guys' end?

LiquidX 05-20-05 12:29 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Good to know its not only me. It has been doing it for me since yesterday.

saturnotaku 05-20-05 01:07 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Same here. I thought it was my wireless connection at home, but it's doing it to me at work as well.

OWA 05-20-05 01:20 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Yep, same here. I had trouble with several sites yesterday at home though so it may be our area (VA) that is having problems and not the actual site.

DiscipleDOC 05-20-05 01:26 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Could the site be getting hammered by a DOS attack?

YOGIx213 05-20-05 01:36 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Having the same slowdown problem here at work when browsing through this forum.

gw186 05-20-05 02:07 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
I don't know why, but it's good to know it is not only me.

saturnotaku 05-20-05 02:35 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
It looks like the site has a ton of traffic right now. I know there were 400+ people browsing the forums so the server may be overwhelmed right now. I'm betting if it's not a technical problem that it will get better after E3 excitement dies down.

OWA 05-20-05 02:55 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Well, I just got home a little while ago and my internet access was completely down. I'm not sure who his provider is but I really think the Hampton Roads area is having some issues. I can now access other sites but most sites are dog slow. Of course, like you noted, it could just be the increased traffic. I'll be glad when it's back to normal. It's definitely trying my patience at the moment.

Edit: Actually, maybe you're right and it's only the increased number of browsers causing it. I can now access other sites pretty quickly but it is still sluggish here.

MikeC 05-20-05 03:34 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
I'm working on it now. :)

OWA 05-20-05 03:48 PM

Re: Forums Slow?

Originally Posted by MikeC
I'm working on it now. :)

I think you fixed it already. It is working great for me now. :)

MikeC 05-20-05 03:54 PM

Re: Forums Slow?
Might be a temporary fix only. :o

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