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McBane 08-07-02 08:35 PM

Explorer (file browser) Priority
I was wondering if you guys could tell me at what priority your explorer runs in a regular XP install (no alternative shell). It would also be nice if someone using a different shell gave me some input...

I have a feeling that explorer doesn't run at high priority by default (mine does)...

netviper13 08-07-02 09:16 PM

Explorer.exe for me is default at "Normal" priority.

Philibob 08-08-02 05:06 AM

'normal' priority here too.

|JuiceZ| 08-09-02 07:41 AM

ditto, why do you ask? Is it taking up a lot of cpu processes 'er something?

McBane 08-10-02 01:31 AM

I ask cuz i was trying to find the reason why litestep was using up to 200Megs of memory while idle....turns out it was an outdated module in a theme...that was fixed....but then i noticed the cpu usage fluctuated between 5-12% when usually it for 0-5%....Didn't really notice it till i was reorganizing me files (used several instances of explorer on different desktops) that plus i had some other stuff open, then all of a sudden opening a directory became sluggish...usually this doesn't happen....so i went to the task manager to see whats up...there werent any secret progs running, so then i decided to check priorities...thats when i came across explorer running at High...now im trying to see if there's something i can add to explrer, say a switch or something to run it at normal priority or a switch for a shortcut ......tried adding /NORMAL and -NORMAL but it didn't help....i tried another string "start......." (something really long), but it wont work with me hotkeys for some reason.....

Hope that makes some sense:confused:

Philibob 08-10-02 06:28 AM

This is how i'd change it to normal if you want to do that: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard. In processes right-click on explorer, go to set priority and click normal.

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