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ricercar 05-24-05 01:41 AM

Multi-GPU (SLI) forum proposal
I propose a forum dedicated to Multiprocessor Graphics (SLI) issues.

It probably shouldn't be a subforum of GeForce 6 series or even have NVIDIA-only in the title, due the likelihood of SLI for GeForce 7x00 and a pending ATI implementation.

Currently there is no easy way to isolate SLI posts from GeForce 6 posts with the current organization, and there's too much noise in a search on "SLI".

Thanks for consideration.

retsam 05-24-05 06:10 AM

Re: Multi-GPU (SLI) forum proposal
oh i have to second this idea...

SH64 05-24-05 08:57 AM

Re: Multi-GPU (SLI) forum proposal
Thats definitely a good suggestion .. i have many thoughts & topics related to the SLI subject , but i dont post them because i don't like to flood the GeForce 6 series section with them especially when people with more important matters should be posting there.

GlowStick 05-25-05 12:50 AM

Re: Multi-GPU (SLI) forum proposal
mmm, i have to disagree on this one.

Since the SLi systems are still based on the same cards, alot of the solutions will be the same. EG if someone has a bug iwth a game, how dose he know if its a SLi problem or a specific video card/driver problem? is that person saposta determine it ahead of time? Next, lets say they can do that, will end up with alot of dupe threads. eg get very messy!

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