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ragejg 12-13-02 07:36 AM

Decent Server? Which Linux?
Just acquired a dual Pentium Pro capable (need a 2nd cpu) HP NetServer LH Pro w/512mb RAM, (3) 4.3 SCSI's, (2) 18.2's, running an old version of mandrake... I'm a tad bit new to servers, and have never installed Linux before, but this is my chance (I thinks) to make a decent Linux system... for broadband file/site server use...

So I ask you, my fellow NV cohorts:

Might this make a decent Linux jumbo-box?

Which version of Linux offers n00b support and good server config?

Any help will be appreciated, as this is my first consideration of this OS.:)

volt 12-13-02 12:11 PM

Well for noobs, I'd suggest Suse/Redhat
I myself would choose Slackware whether I considered myself a noob or not :)

Mandarb1 12-13-02 12:20 PM

SuSE is supposed to have the best server software over Redhat and Mandrake. Im currently running SuSE 8.1 and its been a really easy transition from Windows. If you're really interesting, you should also check out UnitedLinux. Thats supposed to be THE server distro..... http://www.unitedlinux.com

ragejg 12-13-02 12:34 PM

THanks for the advice...
I'm looking for a balance that caters more to the entry level linux users, but still has enough options to properly run a small site...

volt 12-13-02 12:47 PM

SuSe than! :D

Mandarb1 12-14-02 12:59 PM

SuSE is what you need :)

lunix 12-15-02 06:28 AM

Great advice by the smart people here I have seen great success from people transitioning to linux in the workspace with SuSe.
There should be a webmin program, correct me if Im wrong, that will allow you to manage your entire server from your browser without having to get into the details of the config files. Not that config files are bad but for a new user just finding them can be a daunting task.
AT work our severs run redhat but Im still working on getting Gentoo in there :)

Mandarb1 12-15-02 04:07 PM

webAdmin.... very useful for getting Samba up and running (Samba = your networking app that lets your linux box be seen on a Windows network and vise versa and printers and much more). The link for it can be found here.... its pretty big at 47megs for the tarball: http://freshmeat.net/projects/asl/?topic_id=151

webAdmin is in the Astaro Security app.

Mandarb1 12-15-02 04:08 PM

For more information about that Astaro app from http://freshmeat.net/projects/asl/?topic_id=151:

Astaro Security Linux is a firewall solution. It does stateful packet inspection filtering, content filtering, user authentication, virus scanning, VPN with IPSec (PKI for X.509 certificates) and PPTP, and much more. With its Web-based management tool, WebAdmin, and the ability to pull updates via the Internet, it is pretty easy to manage. It is based on a special hardened Linux 2.4 distribution where most daemons are running in change-roots and are protected by kernel capabilities.

mariuz 12-24-02 10:37 AM

i always avoid suse
for a server i like mandrake or redhat
the last version of redhat is realy impressive
it seems faster somehow (i have installed rh 8.0
on a p1@166 80M ram that is used as a home
development server apache mysql)
If you realy want control you can put a
slackware on that machine (i have installed 8.1
and i realy like it ...)

Mandarb1 12-24-02 12:05 PM

Sorry, theres webAdmin and webmin. webAdmin costs money, but webmin doesnt. I was fooling around in webmin yesterday and it seems really helpful if you need it (http://www.webmin.com).

mariuz 12-24-02 12:51 PM

In the end
You better use the console
The webmin is user friendly (tm) at begining
but after a while you loose to much time
with it .

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