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nepovem 05-30-05 09:13 AM

Pokemon MMORPG
looking for a 3D modeler/C(++) programmer.
We are making a game, a Pokemon MMORPG. The community is growing day by day and we have a alpha testing soon.
But if someone would helped us, then the first Pokemon MMORPG ever will come to life finally!

You can see our progress here:

and you can visit the forums here:

you can contact us through IRC:
server: irc.nsane.org
channel: #pokegeeks
ManTis - project owner,lead programmer
moomoo - ManTis assistant,lead 3D modeler
Theorem - programmer
Bongeh - 3D modeler

thank you!

Parts 05-30-05 12:16 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG

|MaguS| 05-30-05 12:49 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
Make sure to get Nintendo's "ok" with it, You can find yourself with a C&D order if you don't.

nepovem 05-30-05 01:30 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
heh, nice flash!

We have checked about the legality problems.. and we found out that we have no thing to be worried about

|MaguS| 05-30-05 01:35 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
Um you have alot to be worried about if you haven't gotten the "ok" from Nintendo considering your using thier copyrighted material. Even if it is free.

Heck on your forums I don't even see a footer stating copyright...

jAkUp 05-30-05 11:30 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
Just bribe nintendo with something cute and fluffy :D :D :D

|MaguS| 05-30-05 11:51 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
but Jakup, what willw e do without you!?!?!

jAkUp 05-30-05 11:56 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
awwww... you said I was cute... :condom:

|MaguS| 05-30-05 11:57 PM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
I hionk everyhting is cure whn im drunk.

nepovem 05-31-05 07:54 AM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
Boo! :D

Marcos 05-31-05 08:13 AM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
ummm they are already making an official one

gram_vaz 06-01-05 04:43 AM

Re: Pokemon MMORPG
nintendo is so going to cease and desist this. just turn the game into a knockoff of pokemon without it actually being pokemon.

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