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doom 12-14-02 01:59 AM

Needing help in KDE!
I've noticed this feature in quite a few window managers including KDE. Its this sort of system stats bar that is either on the left or right side on the desktop. Here is a picture just to show you what I mean:
It is on the lower left side on the picture above.
Can someone please tell me what this is and how to enable it.


doom 12-15-02 02:50 AM

Glad to see no one cares;)

lunix 12-15-02 06:14 AM

Hey!, Its a wicked program called gkrellm. http://web.wt.net/~billw/gkrellm/gkrellm.html .
Just about everything you could ever want built in and a few you never thought of as plugins.
Install and run it its cool, themable too :)

doom 12-22-02 01:27 AM

thanks alot :D

HateEternal 12-23-02 03:01 PM

My question is to the owner of that screenshot. Why the hell would you run linux... and use a windows xp theme? It doesnt even look nice...

Mandarb1 12-23-02 08:14 PM

lol @ HateE...

Doom is even using a WinXP background! :)

doom 12-24-02 01:58 AM

heh, umm that is not my desktop, I just found that pic on google to use as an example.

EDIT: You must admit, it does look nice. :p If only microsoft would make themes for linux, imagine how much better that picture would look?

feeyo 12-26-02 03:07 AM

oooooooh no way a xp theme on linux. that is the baddest thing you can ever think off. i am getting the chicken poks thinking about it awefull..

Mandarb1 12-26-02 10:20 PM

We went to Linux for a reason.... to get away from the cartoony XP! :)

doom 12-31-02 01:48 AM


Originally posted by Mandarb1
We went to Linux for a reason.... to get away from the cartoony XP! :)
:rolleyes: Or it just could of been those dreaded memory leaks ;)

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