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classicfish 06-02-05 08:15 PM

unneccessary lag problems
i have the best computer of all my friends... and ironically enough, counter-strike: source runs the ****tiest.

i have:

P3 Hyper Threading 3.2 GHz
GeForce FX 5700 Ultra 128 MB AGP
1 gb ram

and in 640 x 480 res, with everything on low quality...
it lags when lots of models are in view.

ocasionally i will get a smooth rhythm of 60 FPS, but most of the time its alot worse.

HOW CAN I FIX THIS ??? PLZZZ i really dont think this 150$ graphics card is suppose to run this ****ty.

any ideas on what i should do? any programs i should download? somethin?



CaptNKILL 06-02-05 09:07 PM

Re: unneccessary lag problems
To be honest, thats more of a low end card. When did you pay $150 for it??

Theres probably more to the problem, but Half-Life 2 runs better on ATI cards, and yours is a low end Nvidia card, so dont expect TOO much from it in that game. Still, make sure anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are off. Try some different driver versions too.

bonchez 06-02-05 10:13 PM

Re: unneccessary lag problems
I don't know, my friend has an FX5700 series card and he runs css at 800X600 and all the other settings at default. He also has an AMD XP 2500+ and 768mb ram. He runs css at just fine fps.

bonchez 06-02-05 10:16 PM

Re: unneccessary lag problems
Yeah, I agree. The 6600 card are great.

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