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Lanthanide 06-03-05 04:56 AM

TNT2 M64 Pro drivers

I've got a TNT2 M64 Pro that I recently bought for and old computer that I'm giving away to someone, but I need to get some real nVidia drivers for it, right now it's using the icky icky Windows XP provided ones.

I downloaded the latest drivers (71.89) off the official downloads page which says they are compatible with the TNT2 M64 Pro, but when I run the setup utility it says it can't find any drivers that are relevant to my graphics card, and when I try and do it through the windows "select driver" way and point it at the directory, it can't find any better drivers either.

So, any one have any ideas or know where I can go to get some real nVidia drivers that'll work?

Also, anyone know of any reviews/benchmarks for this card that compare it to M64 (plain) and TNT plain and TNT ultra cards? I'm thinking about overclocking this one and want to get an idea of it's relative performance. Also if anyone could give me a link to an overclocking software utility that'd work on this card it'd be fantastic.

saturnotaku 06-03-05 06:05 AM

Re: TNT2 M64 Pro drivers
NVIDIA has a driver archive on its FTP server - ftp://download.nvidia.com. Look around there and there should be a folder for the 30.82 drivers. Those should be compatible with Windows XP.

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to achieve with this card, but it's not going to be good for anything except maybe Quake 3, and even that wouldn't be good for much above 640x480 resolution with low detail. The TNT2 M64 is bascially a gimped TNT2 Ultra, kind of like how the GeForce2 MX was a gimped GeForce2 GTS. Performance will be slightly higher than that of a TNT but far less than pretty much anything else.

Since you're asking about overclocking, I assume there will be some gaming done on this machine. Be advised that most every game released after Quake 3/Unreal Tournament (the first one) requires a card that can perform hardware transform and lighting, which the TNT does not support. As such, overclocking this card will gain you next to nothing. Even if it's a much older system, like a Pentium III-class, you should have purchased a card like a GeForce3 Ti or GeForce4 Ti4200. Those can be had on the cheap, (often less than $50) will give you performance that scales well with old processors and are capable of playing more modern titles.

Lanthanide 06-03-05 05:09 PM

Re: TNT2 M64 Pro drivers
Thanks for the driver location, I'll grab that after work.

I bought this card off trademe (NZ equivalent to ebay) for $10 to put into a P3 Celeron 600; putting much else faster into it would have been a bit of an overkill, especially since there are no plans to play any of the latest games on this machine anyway, we're giving it away to some less-fortunate friends of ours who have 11-year old twins, so new violent games aren't really appropriate at this stage. I did want to try and get a Geforce2 or 3 or whatever off trademe, but they were all above the price-range I was willing to pay (all went for $25+).

We're also giving them a P3 933, in which we've put a brand new Radeon 9250, so if they ever did want to play the latest games, they'd be able to do so on that one.

Right now I've tried out Re-Volt (1999) and Freedom Force (2000) on the Celeron, and I've gotten settings that make Re-Volt play fairly smoothly, but FF isn't being so co-operative, so an overclock here would help to smooth things out a bit.

So, do you know of any applications I can use to overclock this thing?

**** Update ****

I discovered the performance of this card really was not what I was expecting, it was clocked at a measly 100/110 core/mem. After overclocking it to the maximum allowed by PowerStrip it was still slow and crappy, so I swapped it out for a Geforce2 that was in a linux server that has no need for 3d graphics capabilities, and that works a lot better.

For anyone else who might come across this thread, the TNT2 30.82 drivers can be found here ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/30.82/ and the program you can use to overclock is called PowerStrip, just google it.

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