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skipparoo 12-14-02 03:50 PM

Benchmarking with nVIDIA
There are quite a few benchmarks that do not work with current nVIDIA hardware and drivers. Kind of disappointing, mainly because they all work on the ATi 8500 system I own. These benchmarks include:


Some people I know have reported that SpeedTree started working again with a recent driver update, although I do not know which. For me, I still get the missing OpenGL extensions. 3DMark1999 reports the need for DirectX 6.0 or higher to be installed, even though I have DirectX 8.1 on Windows XP. AquaMark reports an out of memory error. All these benchmarks work on an ATi 8500, but will they on my GeForce4 Ti 4600? Nope. Damnation!


netape 12-14-02 04:03 PM

lol, why do you want to use 3dmark'99 on a 'new' computer? :D
You can't compare them or anything...

skipparoo 12-14-02 04:14 PM

Everytime I post on this and mention 3DMark99, someone always flames me for it. Not that I care. The point is it doesn't work on current nVIDIA hardware anymore, which is crap, considering it works on ATi hardware. Of course the other two benchmarks are more important, but 3DMark99 is a relic, a part of history, and to see it run more smoothly and looking better than ever before on a GeForce4 would be rewarding. At least, I see it this way..


LORD-eX-Bu 12-14-02 05:15 PM

eh, in case you missed it, they made 3 new version of your beloved 3dmark ;) :p

skipparoo 12-14-02 05:26 PM

Gee really, thanks for the notice. I guess I've been living in the past...I know they have new versions, so what, that is not the subject of this thread is it? I am no idiot, so kiss my beloved ass..


LORD-eX-Bu 12-14-02 05:30 PM

Why do you think it is no longer supported by Futuremark? cuz it is outdated and can't run newer stuff, duh! otherwise they'd be using it still. If you want to use it, use some really old drivers.:o good luck:rolleyes:

skipparoo 12-14-02 06:29 PM

This is not a 3DMark problem. It is a Detonator issue. nVIDIA is responsible, of course not obligated to do anything about it, but nevertheless responsible. SpeedTree used to work, so did 3DMark99 a while back. Now with newer driver releases, they fail to work. So how does this have anything to do with Futuremark and their support for the product? It doesn't. Not so smart are you lord-ex-bu-crap or whatever. That's okay, most people on these forums aren't.. :P heehee


LORD-eX-Bu 12-14-02 06:31 PM

okay little boy. If you don't like it here, or have something with the people here LEAVE! You have issues. End of conversation.

skipparoo 12-14-02 06:41 PM

Way to take things seriously "little boy". I don't have issues, except maybe with people who post useless, uninformative, and perhaps even arrogant responses like your first one.


The Baron 12-14-02 10:59 PM

Honestly, why SHOULD it work.

Why do you think Win9x is such an utter piece of crap? Why do you think WinXP/2k made a HUGE leap in stability when compared to Win9x?


It's the root of all evil. OSes and drivers should not be ABLE to run 10 year old pieces of software unless you configure it specially to run that software. Emulate it or something, I dunno.

But to expect a 3 and a half year old piece of software used for benchmarking hardware and drivers of the time... honestly, why should it run?

Look at Linux. If you don't have the right library files, voila, you can't configure it. You can't always use newer libraries in lieu of older libraries for whatever piece of software.

And it don't crash.

skipparoo 12-14-02 11:41 PM

It should work. Especially when the competition does. And I don't care just for 3DMark99. To hell with MadOnion, or should I say FutureMark, whatever, 3DMark2002 is long overdue..

I'm talking about all these benchmarks. And it's only for some small little error detecting DirectX, or a memory bug, something easy to fix, something they broke with recent new drivers. A GeForce4 will easily render the 3D in 3DMark99, and the other benchmarks included.

Go ahead people, try something else, shoot me some more, if you think there can be no truth to what I am saying. Sh!t, perhaps I'll aim to make this thread the most controversial one in the history of the Benchmarks category. FUUUUC. AAHHHahahaaa! You fools. HHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEHEEEE! ARRRRHAHAHARRHRHRAHAAAA. Bahumbug!


netape 12-15-02 04:22 AM

You are a nutcase and a fanATic (btw there isn't much difference between those two). ;) :p

Byhyyyyy, I can't play my Nascar '97 (3d accelerated) with my nvidia. Why? cos' it needs Glide support. Do I care? Hell no! The game is like crap, I'd rather play Nascar 2002 if I want to play Nascar games.

And btw, 3dmark '99 is one ugly crap. I'd rather watch a homemade 3 hour french film than use it. :D

Play games with your nvidia and benchmark with your raddy. :D

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