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pakotlar 06-10-05 05:16 PM

Battlefield 2 feedback thread
Hey guys, since we have all these "downloading now!" threads on forums across the net, I decided to start the first gameplay impressions thread. I haven't gotten it yet, but for the curious reader out there, could you please post your experience with the demo? Thank you! :afro:

thenerdguy 06-10-05 05:22 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
grapics = great.
Gameplay (Well ive never gotten along with any battlefield games and BF2 feels like the others) :(

pakotlar 06-10-05 05:23 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
What r your specs. What r u running it at? Key mapping bug?

FluxCap 06-10-05 05:37 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
Game is a freaking mess with the new N drivers. Anyway to roll back to older ones?

$n][pErMan 06-10-05 05:40 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
apperently the XG 71.89's suck on this game. The shadows are all messed up Looks like im gonna have to use that 77.30 set! Damn! Hopefully there is an XG set of these . :(

Parts 06-10-05 05:47 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
Wow its so awesome, not laggy for me at all and it looks great, gameplay is set up the same as BF1942, so im pretty much acustomed to it already, so I basically could just jump right in, I played SP match, the AI does seem smart this time around :P

BioHazZarD 06-10-05 05:48 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
I cant even intall the 77.30 it loads up 130 running applications and nothing happens man wtf ????

pakotlar 06-10-05 05:49 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
Just started out. First off, this game loads like molasses. Feels very chuggy in gui. Actual game runs fine tho. Running 1280*960 all on high, 2x aa/8x af just fine. Specs are 2.6ghz Venice, 1gb ram, x800xl 420/520.

UDawg 06-10-05 05:53 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!
So we can down load the demo now or is this just those who have a GS account?

CaptNKILL 06-10-05 05:54 PM

Re: BF2: Impressions Here!

Theres a few dozen download links and a few torrents out there... look for em! :D

h0102468 06-10-05 06:00 PM

BF2 Demo Feedback Thread
I got the demo now and I have only played for 20 mins and I quitted it and deleted it coz this game is totoally disappointing.

The graphic engine is just the same as BF:V and the graphic makes no strong difference from BF:V

The game runs crappy coz it is very buggy and the texture resolution is very low even I run on High Setting.

I got my GF6800 Ultra SLI on P4 3.2 with 2G RAM.

THis game is just waste of my time downloading.

Guys, I quit this game

Mudcrutch 06-10-05 06:05 PM

Re: BF2 Demo Feedback Thread
for those of you that don't have it yet.. seems like download.com has the most reliable link so far... roughly 100kb/sec for me...

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