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lordgoose 12-15-02 11:54 AM

what boards work?
so what motherboards work with nvidias nforce 1 chipset and support linux ?

eg. do the drivers support msi k7n420d board with mandrake 9?

at present im running only xp!

just curious to know !


bwkaz 12-15-02 01:45 PM

You can use nForce AGP if and only if (at least for the moment...) you use an nVidia video card, and you use nVidia's internal AGP driver. There is no AGP driver for that board that isn't a part of the nVidia driver.

This translates into "you need an Option "NvAgp" "1" in your XF86Config(-4 if it exists) file for AGP to work with that motherboard. But AFAIK, it works OK once you do that.

If you want to know about the sound / LAN / whatever, I have no idea. I think either OSS or Alsa has a sound driver for that board, but I don't know for sure -- in any case, the nVidia nForce driver (which has sound + LAN) is probably better anyway.

Mandarb1 12-15-02 04:27 PM

I believe SuSE 8.1 supports nForce 1 boards natively.... but thats going from memory.

Cheshiremackat 12-15-02 04:49 PM

All ASUS A7N boards work... I have the -266 Vm (nforce 220 chipset) but the A7N 266 'C' and 'E' (415, and 420) work as well...

I am using Redhat 7.3 (I was waiting for RH8.0 RPM's before I upgrade) and everything works fine...sound, lan, video...


I would reccomend the Asus board, if you have the money gor for the 'e' though )double the memory bandwidth) or get the new nforce 2 chipset A7N 8x... looks really nice


Mandarb1 12-15-02 05:29 PM

The nForce 2 is a much better solution and would be a better investment than a nForce 1.

Cheshiremackat 12-15-02 05:44 PM

actually I find the solution to be a bit of a tradeoff... for example the nforce 2 is a better board, BUT most MB manufactures are not including the graphics elements in their design choosing just sound and lan, and not the Gforce 4 mx video...

Soooo with no video you are forced to buy a video card... now, consider a nforce 1 board, and get a GForce 4 Ti for video... almost the same total cost... so it is a tradeoff...

besides if your not doing much gaming the nforce 1 is fine...


lordgoose 12-17-02 02:17 PM

hmmm i see
well at present i own the msi k7n420d ....so it looks like my only method is to buy a geforce 3 or 4 card and hope for the best ...

strange as it may seem msi reckon linux is not supported due to some limitation with the apm chipset! (i think thats correct!) hehe read it from the webpage!;)

anyway it seems that there are people all over the web saying it works , but i would like to know the truth!?:o


lordgoose out!

p.s. the asus noforce 2 boards look very promising , but its a shame there is no onboard video support! oh well off to agpville we go! (mmore expense) :( i beginning to think computers are waste of money!:eek: :rolleyes:

Mandarb1 12-17-02 02:24 PM

Actually some manfs are making two nForce2 mobos. One comes with no video and without some other features, while others include the GF4MX onboard and all of the other features. I believe the Asus and Leadtek boards do this already. Go to http://www.newegg.com for prices on each :)

lordgoose 12-17-02 02:40 PM

hmmm i see ;)

maybe all is not lost .... :D

do you know the exact names of these boards?

lordgoose out!

Mandarb1 12-17-02 03:33 PM

So far I can only find two with Leadtek... I checked Abit, Asus, and MSI for simliar boards. You'll want to find a southbridge chipset of nVidia IGP.



Both mobos have "GeForce4 MX GPU with nView with DVI-D / TV Support ".

Im sure the other manfs will come out with similar solutions sooner or later.

lordgoose 12-18-02 04:20 AM

thanks ....for the info ...i did look at leadteks site before you posted , will wait to see what happens with asus msi etc... and see if any new boards will support the onboard geforce4 ...

lordgoose out!


Mandarb1 12-18-02 10:31 AM

On the mainpage today, there are reviews of nForce 2 mobos. Im not sure if they are new nForce2 boards or just reviews of the first gen boards. But check those out also if you get a chance.

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