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Gator 06-12-05 11:02 PM

Delete my thread please

Please delete my thread, I have my reasons.

Also, could you please make it capable for users to delete there own threads?

Clay 06-12-05 11:08 PM

Re: Delete my thread please
Ok, I deleted it.

We don't allow users to delete their own threads ever since drama queen revisionists of history (I think you probably know who I'm referring to) did so to help support their lies. It was just one of those one bad apple kind of things.

Rytr 06-13-05 12:24 AM

Re: Delete my thread please
BTW, Happy Birthday Gator! :birthday:

Gator 06-13-05 06:53 AM

Re: Delete my thread please

Originally Posted by Clay
Ok, I deleted it...


Needless to say it was a failed experiment. :(

Gator 06-13-05 06:58 AM

Re: Delete my thread please

Originally Posted by Rytr
BTW, Happy Birthday Gator! :birthday:

Thanks :)

Kamel 06-13-05 09:03 AM

Re: Delete my thread please
this is slightly OT, but could you allow a user to delete their own thread within a certain amount of time after making it? like the topic thing, you can change the topic if you pretty-much immediately edit it, but if you wait you can't. could the same type deal be applied to being able to delete your post?

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