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birkoff 08-08-02 03:45 AM

openGL driver considered to be cheat by VALVE
After I connect to a secure Counter Strike server I am kicked out with a message that says something like "You have been disconnected from this secure server because a cheat was detected in your computer." Of course, there is no cheat in and never have been.
Talking to a cople of CS buddies I localized the problem: the OpenGL driver from nvidia (and other manufacturers) is considered by VALVE to be a cheat. Is there any solution to solve this problem? because is frustrating. a month or so ago CS was working just fine on wine.


Random Chaos 08-08-02 06:50 AM

Not Valve - its those 3rd party cheat detection algorithms that are the problem. Try talking to individial server admins to find out why its picking up your vid card driver. Also make sure you really don't have a cheat installed (a freind could have done it when you weren't paying attention after all!)

Thunderbird 08-08-02 07:28 AM

You are likely using Wine to play CS on Linux. Wine tries to implement most windows API's on Linux but Wine is not bugfree yet. CS 1.4 and 1.5 contain ways to detect cheats on windows. For some reason CS detects Wine as a cheat. Transgaming, the makers of WineX, are working together with Valve to find a solution but this solution will only be in the retail WineX binaries. So you have to become a subscriber of WineX.

birkoff 08-08-02 07:52 AM

The problem with winex is that i am not able to pay for winex over the internet (banned country :mad: ). so i think i have to stick to the free wine, hoping that sooner or later they will implement these functions.

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