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Sazar 06-16-05 07:33 PM

VB 3.5.0 Beta.
Wondering if there is a timeline for NVN to update to VB 3.5 anytime soon :)

We just moved to the beta and are LOVING IT :D

Its got some awesome tools for mods (double-click on a post to edit, use the AJAX tool to open/close threads with one click and so on).

Soo... when's the vb 3.5 party :afro:

jAkUp 06-16-05 08:09 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
Do you have a list of the changes? I'm interested in this... :) What other new features are there?

Clay 06-16-05 09:11 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
It's making use of AJAX huh? Interesting.

Sazar 06-16-05 10:53 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
Still finding out myself :) But Ajax and the double click features are the two best thus far.

Oh, and teh quick reply. Now its REALLLLLYYYYY quick. Like Instant quick.

jAkUp 06-16-05 10:56 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.

Originally Posted by Sazar
Oh, and teh quick reply. Now its REALLLLLYYYYY quick. Like Instant quick.

how so? :drooling:

Sazar 06-16-05 11:07 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
They fixed up the code I think.

Son Goku 06-17-05 03:12 AM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
There is one bug though I've noticed with the quick reply (which I did mention in your problem's forum, though not in a seperate thread)... Just something for anyone to take into consideration who's considering the update.

If one uses the quick reply feature at the bottom of a thread (doesn't do it in post reply), it will post the thread, and then try to repost the same thread a second time... However (good thing it catches this) it comes back and says it was posted already and one needs to wait 15 seconds between posts (x secs remaining)... If it hadn't done this, it could result in unintended double posts...

Eariler today (actually I should probably mention this in the forum over there, so they can look at it) it didn't do this, but upon posting left the already posted text in the "post quick reply" window. This evening it had the "double post for one click problem".

Course there might be some way to configure/correct this matter (not sure), but figured while we were discussing the update I should mention this one little glitch I've notied...

jAkUp 06-17-05 03:13 AM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
What is AJAX?

Superfly 06-17-05 06:02 AM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
well in the UK AJAX is a cleaning product - sadly they now call it "Cif"

lol - just to put you off the sent a bit.

Sazar 06-28-05 09:31 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
Some other goodies. Super fast editing of posts. Click edit and BAM, its just like a little quick-reply box for you to edit :)

And another lovely feature is something that will find good use @ nvn. If there are multiple pages (ie after a day at work, if you log onto forums and click "new posts") instead of click back and forth through 5 or 10 or more pages worth of posts, you have a drop down box where you can enter the page number to go to :)

Very convenient when in large threads or after a while away from the forums. And keeps things neat too since its a tiny drop down box.

Clay 06-28-05 09:43 PM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
Wow I lost track of this thread. :)

Originally Posted by jAkUp
What is AJAX?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML...basically it offers a whole new way of thinking/approach in making web applications more dynamic (i.e. more event driven like desktop apps). It's nothing new actually but more of a new approach to using JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest. Google really helped to expose it with Google Suggest. There are even derivatives such as AFLAX (no joke, and no duck) :D

Son Goku 06-30-05 02:20 AM

Re: VB 3.5.0 Beta.
I did notice the quick edit feature mentioned earlier today. It was nice, in that one didn't have to load a whole other page to edit... The save was instantanious as well. When I've gone to edit posts over there in the past, this wasn't the case...so either something was adjusted for non-mod users over there or I just clicked on it right...

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