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aisxos 06-17-05 07:08 AM

AGP related question
I want to use an AGP 8X/4X graphics card on my motherboard that has an AGP 4x slot (AGP 2.0, non universal), is it possible?If not, will an AGP 8X/4X/2X card like NVIDIA GEFORCE FX5500 256MB work?

ricercar 06-17-05 02:01 PM

Re: AGP related question
An AGP 8/4 card should work in a 4 slot. That's why it's called 8/4 card. Does your motherboard have an AGP protection LED to light up if an incompatible card is installed?

aisxos 06-17-05 02:37 PM

Re: AGP related question
it doesn't. The description of the AGP 8x/4x one says AGP 3.0 compliant, are you sure it will work on an AGP 2.0?I read somewhere that the FX 5500 are universal AGP 3.0 cards.if a card is described as an AGP 8x/4x/2x it will work right?if i use such a card on an AGP 4x how much of its original performance will it lose?

ekloot1978 06-17-05 03:01 PM

Re: AGP related question
I use a PNY geforce 6800 8x/4x in a 4x (AGP 2.0) slot. Those cards are designed to work fine in AGP 2.0 slots...at least this is the case for the AGP geforce 6800s since they are natively AGP. The performance difference between the 8x and 4x is virtually none...I've read somewhere around 1% or something. And from personal experience there is no difference...all my games run as they should and if you run benchmarks and timedemos you get the same results as if it was an 8x AGP slot. Hope this helps.

aisxos 06-17-05 03:11 PM

Re: AGP related question
Thanks man you saved me!

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