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covener 08-08-02 09:01 AM

Flat Panel performance?
I had previously been using a flat panel and a CRT w/ twinview with no problems. I purchased a 2nd flatpanel (different model than the first) And I am having a lot of difficulty making it look decent.

If i drag a window vertically, I see lot's of blocky and jagged edges flickering. My original flat panel had very restrictive refresh rates, this one is much more liberal. Do i need to divine some sweet spot for it? The picture is beautiful except for the blockiness when draggind windows.

I'm also having a hell of a time getting both FP's up at the same time - i've had to do a lot of chaning around to even get them to come on at the same time. Even as i swap them around the secondary display had not been being detected...

Thunderbird 08-08-02 10:42 AM

There's nothing you can do. Flatpanels don't have real refresh rates. It all depends on the quality of the panel. What matters is the time it takes for the crystals to change colour. On cheap screens that time can be for example 40 ms (or worse) resulting in: 1 / (40 * 10^-3) = 25 fps

Good quality screens for example have refresh times of 25 ms (or even better) resulting in: 1 / (25 * 10^-3) = 40 fps.

So that second screen is likely of less quality than your first one. Playing with things like modelines is of no use and can make it even worse.

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