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psk31 12-16-02 01:34 PM

MDK 9.0 PowerPack .. do I need this?
Hi everyone,
I just successfully installed Mdk 9.0 PowerPack and was wondering if I require the 4191 3D NVIDIA driver(s)? I installed the 4.x driver during the X configuration portion of the instal. All seems to behave quite nicely (can play Tux and open the "gear" program).
I have tried installing the NVIDIA drivers just as an exercise (in futility), using first the RPM and finally the RPMS route without success (black screen when attempting to call 'startx" from root console. Followed the instructions in both cases to the tee.
So my question is two-fold.
Do I need these drivers (are they a newer build, or improved)?
If so, what am I doing wrong? I have not as yet tried installing from the tar source.


zarathustra674 12-18-02 11:25 PM

4.xx drivers during installation?
Are you talking about the Xfree version? How did you install the drivers during the install of the os?

psk31 12-19-02 12:13 AM

Selected XFree86 4.x.x during the 9.0 initial install however I am not so sure about the video performance. Desktop looks to be in 2D low res (much poorer than my 8.2 system when upgraded to KDE 3.0) even though XFDrake indicated a correct configuration. Also, for some strange reason all but my stop printer icon is absent from the desktop. Not sure whats up with this. I'd hoped updating to the latest nvidia driver would improve the graphics performance but its just killing X. I finally gave up and fresh installed with box drivers etc.
Wish I could find a defacto answer as to where the trbl lies.

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