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rcoscali 08-08-02 09:53 AM

'Can't map registers' at kernel driver init
Hello all

I just upgraded my kernel from 2.2.20 to 2.4.19 and when trying to use NVDIA_kernel-2960, at startup of nvidia driver, the kernel module fails with the message:

nvidia: couldn't map registers!
NV0: nv_map_device failed


Please I need a clue to fix it ?
Note that with 2.2 the nvidia driver was running perfectly ...

thanks for any help !!!!

rcoscali 08-08-02 10:13 AM

Looked at the code
Actually the message is clear and after a look at the code I think I have a clue about what is going on.
My 2.4 kernel have been builded with the rivafb frame buffered console driver.
The register set for the video controler have already been mapped by this driver (BAR0 & 1: for control regs and FB regs).
These reg sets might also be reserved by nvidia_kernel driver.

Does this make sense ? :rolleyes:

rcoscali 08-08-02 10:30 AM

It seems to be why the nvidia kernel module was not loading correctly.

Would it be possible to merge both driver ? or at least to get mapped & bus addresses from rivafb driver ? (just a silly idea)

Thunderbird 08-08-02 10:37 AM

One thing: NEVER EVER USE RIVAFB. It is very, very buggy. It causes various problems in X (drawing ones for example) and it causes VT switching problems and instability. If you want a framebuffer use vesafb.

rcoscali 08-08-02 02:15 PM

Thanks for the trick

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