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Soopr_Noob 12-16-02 04:42 PM

am I upgrading or installing?

I am new to linux and I need some help.

I have a PC w/ RedHat 8.0 and a GF4 ti4400. I am trying to get some new drivers installed on this box and I am curious.... will I be doing an upgrade (there must be some drivers for my card on installed with the RedHat install, right?) or an Install?

This is the firsttime I am trying to add drivers to the box but, gnome works fine so, I am confused about what rpm proceedure to use.

Thanks, Chris

Anthaus 12-16-02 05:51 PM

RH uses the 'nv' driver by defualt, but it only displays in 2D. So, yes you will upgrade you display by installing a new set of drivers (nvidia's official).

Generally speaking, there are three methods:

Pros: Easy, fast.
Cons: You must find the exact version for your system (a lot of people find it difficult to choose appropiately). Only works with RPM based distros (Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe).

Source RPM:
Pros: Works with any kernel configuration. Your drivers are tailored to fit your configuration.
Cons: Only works with RPM base distros. Takes a few more steps to install. You may need to install additional packages to rebuild the drivers successfully.

TAR files:
Pros: Works with any distro, regardless of your kernel configuration (great for beta testers and Debian gurus).
Cons: You need the kernel-source and the 'make' libraries (and some other libraries to install those in the first place).
Another Pro: Learning how to install by TAR files is very useful, since it's a universal install tool.

Anthaus 12-16-02 06:00 PM

First things first
Download the release notes. You won't get far without them:
(text) http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86_40/1.0-4191/README

Get familiar with the installation instructions. Remember that no matter which procedure you choose, you will have to edit the XF86Config-4 file (say what?)
That file is found under /etc/X11/
You may edit it after installing the drivers (but you won't have the graphic environment) or you can edit it before installing the drivers (using gedit).

To lauch gedit, open a console and type:
(I know it looks dumb)
You will have a notepad-like application, so it mustn't be difficult to navigate the directory tree.

Please, practice using gedit before attempting the XF86Config-4 modification.

Once you select you preferred installation procedure, and reading the release notes, let us know so we may give you further advice.

(I really wish someone had the patience to teach me these things when I was a newbie, in case someone else is wondering).

Soopr_Noob 12-16-02 06:39 PM

Thank you
I am gonna re-install so that I can start over, I will be sure to post my error messages as they happen... and they will! :)

PS, know a way to play MP3s with RH?

Thanks again, Chris

Soopr_Noob 12-16-02 06:43 PM

is gedit like vi?

Thanks again, Chris

=Super_n00b= 12-16-02 06:47 PM

you stealing my name ???? Grrrrr

Anthaus 12-16-02 06:51 PM

Red Hat publicly said that RH 8 doesn't support mp3 compression out-of-the-box. I'm afraid I haven't investigated how to make it work since RH 7.3 doesn't have that problem.

And, yes. Gedit is like vi, but much more friendly. If you're familiar with vi, editing the XF86-Config-4 file won't trouble you too much.

If you're reinstalling, make sure to hand-pick the packages related to rpmbuild, the make libraries and the kernel-source (just to avoid future hassles).

I strongly encourage you to upgrade your kernel before installing the nvidia drivers (as well as the kernel-source). Use the up2date utility.

Soopr_Noob 12-16-02 06:55 PM


Originally posted by =Super_n00b=
you stealing my name ???? Grrrrr
my bad dude, hopefully I won't be here long... :)

=Super_n00b= 12-16-02 07:28 PM

hahahah just play'n mate its a name pfffttt who cares :D

Mandarb1 12-16-02 08:06 PM

Just use SuSE instead :) SuSE 8.1 supports mp3s and ogg files natively.....

If you install the rpms, you dont need to go into your xf86config file... there are easier ways to do that configuration with a GUI like YaST2 in SuSE... I dont know about RH or Mandrake.

=Super_n00b= 12-16-02 08:11 PM

yeah good idea or mandrake 9:D

Soopr_Noob 01-07-03 07:48 PM

Im back!!!
Ok... so I am finally getting around to trying this again...

I ran NV Chooser and down loaded EXACTLY the 2 files it told me to get.

I double click on the Kernel file and it show a progess indicator but, it goes away before the bar fills up... seems like its not completeing something...

Then I run the GLX file and it says it can't finish becaue it can't find the kernelpackage...

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Chris

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