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Quartz01 06-23-05 02:33 AM

32mb M64 TNT2 Pro vs 16mb Voodoo3?
Hey guys

I am building a backup rig out of spare parts (I will be using it for light CS 1.6 playing) and was wondering which one of my 2 video cards are better, my M64 32mb Tnt2 Pro or my 16mb Voodoo3? I am preatty sure the M64 means my TnT2 Pro is 64-bit, and I think the Voodoo3's were 128-bit, but the TnT2 does have twice as much RAM... I am soo confused :p

Thanks in advance

Edge 06-23-05 02:51 AM

Re: 32mb M64 TNT2 Pro vs 16mb Voodoo3?
I'd go with the Voodoo 3, if for no other reason than because most of the games that would be run on it have a Glide mode. The M64 models of the TnT2, unless I'm mistaken, are horribly underclocked and underpowered. In general, Voodoo 3s are faster than TnT2s, but their main downside is that they don't have 32-bit color support. Although I'm also not sure if the Steam version of CS has the MiniGL driver that was in the standalone version of Half-life...if it does then the Voodoo 3 would be better by far.

saturnotaku 06-23-05 06:08 AM

Re: 32mb M64 TNT2 Pro vs 16mb Voodoo3?
If he's playing CS 1.6, that's the original version which would run just fine with the 3dfx mini driver.

Dazz 06-23-05 08:11 AM

Re: 32mb M64 TNT2 Pro vs 16mb Voodoo3?
Voodoo3 the TNT2 M64 is a pile of s**t, i had one with 32MB ram that was the card that said to me NEVER CUT COSTS!!! Thats wy i have stuck to low end high end cards aka Geforce2 GTS, Ti4400, X800XL etc.

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