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GodDeVader 06-23-05 05:44 PM

Gigabyte nforce 2 mainbord no surround and nvmixer errors fedora c4
Dear all,

I'm now searching for over 6 houres to get my surround outputs to work I have a Gigabyte GA7N400 PRO second revision. I downloaded the nforce native drivers from the nvidia site ... ran the install as root of course. The settup set he had to rebuild a kernel module ... and then said he was finished and I had to look in some doc file (/usr/share/doc/nforce/ an html file) In that html file a lot of info on the NIC driver and nearly nothing about the sound driver ...

(driver version: 1.0-0301)

However tried a reboot and stuff off course no effect (it is a linux :) ) so I tried having a look at my sound system and it seems to be using alsa ... and i have no clue how to change it to oss ... I have sound but only on the front speakers ... MicSwap dus nothing...

So I started the nvmixer application ... it started without any problem (so I supose my setup has ran just fine) but when clicking the volume of the surroundspeakers I get this error:

volume set failed

when I try to mute something ...

Mute bit failed

So I started searching the web for a few houres ... well nothing found ... does someone have a clue or a direction on where I can find a solution ... it's the only thing that isn't working on my machien...

some extra info from the tech specs of my mainbord

# Realtek ALC650/655 Audio AC'97 Codec

system-config-soundcard gives:
Vendor: nVidia
Model: Corporation nForce2 AC97 Adio Controller(MCP)
Module: snd-intel8x0

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