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DElvr 12-17-02 01:56 AM

I have totally screwed up, can somebody please help?
I have recently decided to give Linux a shot. So far I am completely impressed. I'm running Red Hat 8 and I'm loosing all my intrest in the Win OS. I'm running 2.4.18. I'm still getting familiar with everything but thought an upgrade of my vid drivers was in order. So I downloaded the new drivers for my Geforce 2 mx 400. Like an idiot I jumped right to the install without reading the readme file posted. I know I don't follow directions well. Anyway, as many of you probably know running the .rpm files while in the GUI is a bad thing. I can't boot into X at all and I don't know what to do from here. Can anyone help an idiot who has learned a very valuable lesson? Thanks for any help.


Euphoria 12-17-02 02:20 AM

Dude, lol, just follow the instructions on this forum or the readme file from NVidia.

Dont worry you havent done anything bad,

You needed to install the kernel rpm first then the GLX, and if you've done that then you should edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config and where it says "nv" type "nvidia".

and delete the "Load dri" line if there is one and make shure there is "Load glx" line in your XF86Config file.

DElvr 12-17-02 10:35 AM

Thank you so much for your help. I got it fixed now. It took me a little bit how to figure out the method to edit the xf86config file from the shell prompt, but I got it now. Thanks again.


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