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dczx 12-18-02 01:47 AM

My Struggle with the New Drivers
I have Mandrake 9.0. I ran NVChooser and downloaded the appropriate RPM's.

I did rpm -ivh kernel

and rpm -ivh glx

as it said, they appeared to install correctly.

I changed my XF86Config-4 file from "nv" to "nvidia"

However, if I try to start X, it fails with

"(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!"

in the log file. I try running drakconf and get the same thing when I test
driver. I have tried everything and am at my wit's end.

please help!

bwkaz 12-18-02 07:32 AM

Does running /sbin/modprobe nvidia as root before trying to startx help? If so, then your problem is with the alias in /etc/modules.conf (personally, every time I ran the installers in Mandrake, the lack of a "mktemp" utility made the drivers not be able to add the proper alias themselves -- which meant that I had to do it manually, this might be your problem).

If it doesn't help, then check the kernel messages (in either the output of dmesg or the /var/log/messages file) for any relevant errors.

The "failed to initialize kernel module" error is pretty much a catch-all for a bunch of different errors...

dczx 12-18-02 11:43 AM

I've discovered something very weird: if I say plug and play OS in my bios to YES and assign PCI VGA IRQ to yes (even though my card is AGP) the drivers magically work... what is going on here? Some sort of IRQ thing?

bwkaz 12-18-02 03:39 PM

Yes, an IRQ thing. I bet it works if PnP OS is set to No but Assign IRQ is set to Yes as well -- try it that way once.

When Assign IRQ to VGA is set to no, then the BIOS won't, well, assign an IRQ. It assumes that the OS can handle that, by either assigning its own IRQ, or by not using IRQs (or something). In Windows this works OK (not great, but OK). However, in Linux, that kind of thing doesn't work -- the idea is, why add code to the kernel to assign IRQs, when the BIOS can do it just fine? So no one adds that code. nVidia can't do it, because they'd need to change more of the kernel than just adding a single module can change.

So if assign IRQ is set to no, then the video card never gets an IRQ in Linux. Ever. Which causes the nvidia.o kernel module to not be able to find the video card. Which makes it not load. Which gives you that error about can't initialize kernel module.

Does that make any sense? ;)

One other thing: AGP is just PCI. There's no real difference. AGP is a sub-bus (in PCI device identification terms, it's bus 1, where onboard stuff -- IDE, etc. -- is on bus 0, and addon cards are on bus 2) of your PCI bus.

dczx 12-18-02 07:22 PM

Very enlightening. =) I never could figure that out. I'll probably try turning off PnP OS but I'm scared to because everything is finally working! ;) Never knew AGP = PCI in that sense.. cool

bwkaz 12-18-02 08:29 PM

Just don't change anything software-settings-wise, you'll be OK. If it doesn't work for some reason, then don't try to get it to work, just set it back in the BIOS.

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