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feeyo 12-18-02 02:31 AM

Waiting waiting.
just waiting and waiting on the new SuSE 8.1 rpm's.
They are taking the time aint they? i cant wait to test the new drivers...
But now i am thinking will Nvidia post the new drivers for SuSE 8.1 :|?

If anybody knows....please give me a holla.

bwkaz 12-18-02 07:28 AM

Umm... what?!?!


They're already posted on the driver download page, and have been for a couple of days...


Wolfman [TWP] 12-18-02 08:01 AM

Or you can compile the *.src.rpms... That way there's no waiting when new kernel updates arrive..


feeyo 12-18-02 08:01 AM

Yeah now i c them :(
my browser had an old cache! grrr. oh well thanx :)

Talk to ya later gonna install them right away! lol


bwkaz 12-18-02 10:27 AM

Re: wha!?

Originally posted by feeyo
my browser had an old cache!
Heh. I hate it when that happens...

Which is why I have my browser set to check for a new copy every time I visit. Maybe it isn't the smart way to go bandwidth-wise, but being at a university does have some advantages as far as bandwidth goes... ;)

feeyo 12-18-02 05:25 PM

Everything going wrong :(
My X server crashes the whole time :(
Very very anoying.
I have used the options NoRenderAccell but the same thing happens..

I tried to install the drivers with YaST2, Textmode, runlevel 3.... it all goes wrong.

Athlon900,Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 SuSE 8.1
Asus socket A A7V.

If anybody can help please do so.


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