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Sorrow 07-04-05 05:20 PM

Starting a forum EQ2 guild
Originally it's for R3d members, but I love NvN just as much. I'm going to try to start a guild on EQ2, Crushbone server.


Odral 07-05-05 03:52 PM

Re: Starting a forum EQ2 guild
Doh, should come to Mistmoore iam already there. would love to join a guild from here :)

nrdstrm 07-05-05 07:14 PM

Re: Starting a forum EQ2 guild
I would be willing to roll a new toon. Dont know how much time I would have to play him though. If it's a casual guild I'll come on over though. I have a 49 Zerker in a Raiding Guild, and we just started an alt guild last week, have our toons up to 24-27 and our guild is almost up to 8 already.
Corbijn - 49 Zerker - Kithicore
Aqot - 24 Pally - Kithicore

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