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bkswaney 07-04-05 11:33 PM

Backup Card "Need help picking"
I've got to grab a backup agp card.
I thought I had a old tnt2 but cannot find
it so I've got to grab something.

I want the most bang for the buck.
I was looking though neweggs refurbs
that I've had great luck with.

Here is what I can get for the $.

9600XT = 70.00
9800Pro = 95.00
GFFX 5900 = 96.00
FX 5700 or 5750= 80.00
XGI V8-256 = 81.00
GF - 6600 -256= 119.00

Input please. If you see a better card
for the money please let me know.

Out of those listed above what will
net me the best performance for the $?

I'm selling parts getting ready for a new
built SLI system but I need a hold over card. :)
My 6800GT is already sold.

CaptNKILL 07-04-05 11:46 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
The 9800 Pro is the fastest (and best deal) by far... go with that if you can.

bkswaney 07-05-05 12:51 AM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
The 9800 Pro is the fastest (and best deal) by far... go with that if you can.

That's what I was thinking to.
I'm going to grab the cheapest 9800Pro
I can find. :)
The 9800Pro is still a very
fast card and has great video.

Is the 9800Pro faster than a 5900XT?

bkswaney 07-05-05 01:23 AM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
I can get a Sapphire 9800Pro with 380 core and 680 memory
for 86.00
a MSI 9800Pro with 378 core and 676 memory for 99.00 bucks.

1.00 for shipping. :D

These seems like a lot of power for the $.
The Sapphire seems like the best deal to me.

How does the 9800Pro holdup to a 6600GT?
Any benchmarks out there that run the 2?

Lfctony 07-05-05 02:01 AM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
The 6600GT is 30-50% faster, in the majority of situations. So you are looking at a performance of 2/3rds or 3/4ths most of the time.




Kickus_assius 07-05-05 02:59 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
Go with the 9800PRO or 6600, (I think they may overclock to the performance of the 6600GT, at least that's what my buddy who owns one said). 9800 PRO may be more bang for the buck though.

Otherwise, The FX series has crap DX9 support and the XGI Volari card is not made by ATI or Nvidia...'nuff said.

bkswaney 07-06-05 09:44 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
Was the 5600 or 5700 faster?

I can get a 5600 MSI PC5600-VT128 Personal Cinema MS-8918
for 63 bucks. It has a TV tuner and all.
The card will really not be gaming anyway.

Or I can get a 5700LE or 74 bucks. PNY-PCFX5700APB

The PNY does not say LE though.

What is the difference in a 5700LE and non LE.
My god they sure make a crap
load of cards these days. :eek:

bkswaney 07-06-05 09:52 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
I can find no info on this PNY card.
It's a 5700 Personal C.


Here is the part number. PCFX5700APB

Anyone have any idea's on clocks and does it have a 128bit memory.
Man I sure do not want to get stuck with 64. :p

EDIT: From what I can find here. http://www.nvidia.com/page/fx_5700.html
The 5700 is 8 pipe?
I wish PNY had the specs on there site. :(

bkswaney 07-06-05 10:20 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
Found the PNY 5700PC at newegg for 74 bucks shipped.
It does come with a LOT of stuff for under 75 bucks.


Have no idea on core and memory speed though. :(

Lfctony 07-07-05 05:20 AM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
The 5700 is a 4-pipe, standard clocks are 400/500. I think the 9800 Pro is your best bet, it will last much longer and there are no doubts about performance.

ragejg 07-07-05 05:29 PM

Re: Backup Card "Need help picking"
6600 NU or a 6200 1st gen (unlockable to 6600, I have one, and it's OC'ed to 450/675) would be best bang for the buck, as they OC great, outperform R3XX cards for the most part, they're newer tech, and they're not priced bad...

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