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zx_sa 07-06-05 04:51 AM

ICC profiles
Is there a way to use ICC colour profiles with the linux nvidia driver? I have ICC profiles for my monitor and would really like to use them in linux as well. Any ideas?

sensovision 06-04-06 04:56 AM

Re: ICC profiles
from what I know it's not possible right now, but I would be very pleased if this feature would be implemented in future, as photography is my hobby and having right configured monitor is essential for me to see correct colors, unfortunately right now I adjust colors via X-Window tools

hvengel 10-28-06 05:29 PM

Re: ICC profiles
Yes you can using ArgyllCMS to calibrate and profile your monitors. Then using software like CinePaint or Krita you can use the monitor profiles created with ArgyllCMS along with the profiles for your input devices (cameras ans scanners) have a full color managed work flow.

One word of caution. You can't use the ArgyllCMS monitor calibration with nvidia twinview. But it should work with Xinerama.

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