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sytaylor 12-18-02 02:25 PM

good free linux distro?
first of all i'd like to say im a linux n00b x 10...
secondly, i dont wanna start a distro flame war :) k?

so for someone in my shoes with a nice lil celeron 400 box sat there looking pretty which distro/shell would be best for meeee? :cool:

netviper13 12-18-02 04:45 PM

Well I'm a Linux n00b too, and I've tried Mandrake 9 and Redhat 8 so far. Didn't get very far with Mandrake 9, because for some reason it refused to work with DHCP, so I can't tell you much about it; but Redhat 8 was a great experience. A little hard to get everything tweaked the way I wanted to because it doesn't include much in the way of multimedia, but for office apps and such it's a great distro.

From what I've read, SUSE 8.1 is a sweet distro for beginners and experienced users alike. If I re-install Linux again, it'll be SUSE.

volt 12-18-02 05:03 PM

Linux is free :D
So is ~90% of the software for that platform :)
For a total noob, I'd go with Suse 8.1. Mandrake is -ok- but it *may* stutter on slower machines with less juices (especially while using KDE 3.x, same applies to Suse, Redhat 8) But either way Suse is a great distribution :)
I haven't used 8.1 though. I only used version 7.3

Here are some reviews:

Also a Redhat 8 review:

It's quite a bit of reading, but once you do your homework you should be able to choose the distro based on your preferences :)

sytaylor 12-19-02 11:53 AM

thx guys ill do some reading :)

The Analog Kid 12-26-02 09:41 PM

The Linux Kernel is free but not all Distros are like Lindows.

Mandarb1 12-26-02 09:48 PM

Bah to Lindows, you dont get all of the apps you would in a regular distro (SuSE, Mandrake, etc) and if you want any of the other apps, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee (I believe its either $99 or $149) to use their online store to get those apps. Lockergnome did a review on Lindows and didnt like it. :)

DaMaxx 12-28-02 02:25 AM

first of all just about all linux distros are free. I have also had huge success with Redhat. It always does what i need it to and you can just about find a src.rpm for every program you could ever want. Plus if i can use it, its gotta be almost idiot proof.

I would suggest any version of redhat from 7.1 up to 8. 8.0's installer is second to none also.

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