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finalzero 07-10-05 01:06 PM

Bogus 5600 256MB DDR? Need help to identify

New to this forum :) Just got myself a Leadtek 5950 Ultra replacing my old 9600 Pro card.

Don't know why the reviews said this card was bad, I went from average framerates in World of Warcraft with medium settings to very high framerates at full settings with every graphics option set to full... at 1280x1024 and the game looked amazing!

Okay I need help identifying a card as I think its been reflashed to look like 5600 256MB DDR card when I blieve its actually something lower specced.

The card in question is a PNY Verto 5600 256MB DDR, I purchased this for relatively no money to fit into a Linux box I am building. On initial tests the card seemed to work fine, 2D desktop performance is not an issue and the graphcis are crystal clear; even the DirectX 9c tests I ran worked and there were no artifacts on the screen (at stock speed.. I think).

To make sure the card was working as intended I ghosted a test image of Windows XP to the soon-to-be-linux box which was setup with SP2 and DX9c; after installing the latest nVidia drivers I installed a few games and put the card through its paces.. and thats where the problems began.

I tested some old games like Soldier of Fortune which should be okay for this card but after about 5 minutes into the game the screen appeared to freeze monetarily and then the graphics started to break up.. first I got lots of artifacts where certain blocks a fex pixels in size were missing or showing a flat colour... later the image started to mess up and then the whole system just slowed down - only option was to reboot.

I also tried Far Cry at low settings and same problem - the system I am testing on is a modest AMD Sempron 2400+ on an MSI motherboard with 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM, I am using a 350W power supply which should be more than enough and the machine is at stock settings.

To rule out the PC I tested the same card on an intel box and I experienced the same problems; after reading up on some forums I understand some not so genuine induviduals have been flashing GeForce cards to appear as something else i.e in this case a lower spec card flashed to appear like a 5600 with 256MB DDR ram.

Here are the pics from eBay (sorry no digital camera):


I am sure its been reflashed so can anyone shed any light on this card? If I can find out what it should be at least I can reflash it back to the stock BIOS image or a suitable image. I checked the PNY Verto products and as far as I can tell they never made a GeForce 5600 with 256MB DDR ram (I think there was a 128MB version though).

Thanks in advance,



CaptNKILL 07-10-05 07:02 PM

Re: Bogus 5600 256MB DDR? Need help to identify
Im having trouble finding any PNY 5600s that look like that (though there are plenty of 256Mb ones), most are black and silver. One sure way to tell if you have the right card is to take off the heatsink and see what the core says on it. Also, there should be a model number on it somewhere, find it and look it up.

mblue 07-20-05 11:03 AM

Re: Bogus 5600 256MB DDR? Need help to identify

looks like it to me. Although, with the blue pcb and the ram sinks it also looks alot like the Albatron version.

rohit 07-20-05 04:30 PM

Re: Bogus 5600 256MB DDR? Need help to identify
-Do you have rivatuner, install it and see what does it say bout your card 64bit or 128bit nv3x. this will determine wheather its a 5600 or no.
-maybe the card you have is this http://www.albatron.com.tw/english/i....asp?pro_id=56 minus the FAN. the fan is replaced with PNY fan (Dont know why though, and also is the BIOS).
-What do the stickers behind the card say?
-does the pcb of your card have a PNY logo anywhere. generally card mfg's put hir logo on the PCB. its not a fixed place though.

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