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MikeC 12-19-02 04:35 AM

News Publisher Hosed
Was making a news post earlier this morning and received a server configuration error. I looked in the error log file and noticed an entry about the same time I tried to post the story:

[Thu Dec 19 03:42:15 2002] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: ../news.cgi

I logged onto News Publisher again, but I wasn't able to get a listing of the news stories. I then checked the main news file (1.news) and it only contains entries from the past three days (as opposed to the complete news archive).

I'm hoping Joerg can restore the news directory from the latest save and we can taking things from there.

Smokey 12-19-02 05:40 AM

Well dang! As nV News is my homepage, I was meet this morning with no news :( Well hope it gets sorted out soon, but Im glad to see its your end and not mine :D

sytaylor 12-19-02 06:50 AM

yeah i pooped myself when i saw it, thought some kiddie had attacked again

JonathanM 12-19-02 08:06 AM

Does that mean I get the morning off Boss? :D

|JuiceZ| 12-19-02 08:31 AM


Originally posted by JonathanM
Does that mean I get the morning off Boss? :D
LOL! Slackers......:rolleyes: :D

sbp 12-19-02 08:58 AM

no nV News.net News?
{begins panicking}

saturnotaku 12-19-02 09:09 AM

Dang, was wondering what was wrong when I saw no news on the front page. :(

Joerg should come through for us as he always has.

DaveW 12-19-02 09:17 AM

Yuk... Hopefully a simple restore of the backup will work and this isn't some sort of file size limitation.

de><ta 12-19-02 09:38 AM

Yeah i heard slash had a denial attack early this morning, but i doubt that a site managed by an army of pro's would fall down from a simple denial attack. (could it be that spammer dude??) Oh by the way it took them 5 minutes to counter the denial attack.:D

I was wondering if that was the case here too, but yeah i realized that if it was a denial attack then the site itself would not load. Oh well hope it gets fixed soon.

Kruno 12-19-02 11:24 AM

Is the Nvnews server free or do you pay fees Mike?

JonathanM 12-19-02 11:31 AM

Well the front page is back up. Too bad it lost all the late night posts I wrote last night...

KILER, we pay for the server. That's the reason you don't see the UGO network ads at the top anymore. We've been on a dedicated server for about a year or so.

MikeC 12-19-02 11:34 AM

I'm waiting on an update from Joerge, but it looks like the restore worked.

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