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maxd 12-19-02 08:30 AM

SAMBA city
i have been using linux since suse linux 7
since i am an irc addicted i had a previous experiance with configuration files /eggdrops / bncs

i managed to install and configure to my current linux box(redhat 8) various services like squid, ssh, fetchmail, bnc, ftp, apache..etc...

the problem i can not overcome has to do with the configuration of samba samba home page
samba is a linux/*nix implemantation of windows networking system

i believe that there are more ppl outhere with the same problem

if you think you can make a suggestion or you have any idea how to make a usable samba configuration file pls posted here

maxd eu.undernet.org #paphos


Mandarb1 12-21-02 08:25 AM

Samba is a pain in the butt to deal with :)

I'll try to find some links and help for you before I leave. In the meantime, I do know that there is a good place for help at www.linuxdocs.com and that there is a Samba guide there. Im not sure how good it is, but I was looking around there earlier for SAMBA help.

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