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ChrisRay 07-16-05 03:47 AM

Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
Someone was arguing with me about SLI benefits in EQ 2 on another forum. So I ran some benches. I thought some of you might find the data interesting. One thing is sure. Cities are still vastly CPU bound while outdoor areas seem far more pixel bound. Obviously your range is going to vary dependent on whats being rendered.


NrthnStar5 07-16-05 09:34 AM

Re: Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
I really need to get me an athlon 64. My pentium 3.0 prescott just doesn't cut it... specially with this game. I've got an X800 XL and 1gb DDR2 dual channel ram... and if i just had an athlon 64... then i'd be good to go :D

MOTÖRHEAD 07-16-05 11:28 AM

Re: Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
Thats nice..too bad I ain't stinking rich. Then again even if I were rich I wouldn't waste a few thousand just to play MMORPG that was coded by brain deaded monkey programmers at SOE. Don't get me wrong the gameplay aspect is good but the preformance of this game is god-awful.

Graphicmaniac 07-16-05 11:33 AM

Re: Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
it seems like just north freeport is cpu bound

Sgt_Pitt 07-16-05 05:58 PM

Re: Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
33 is a decent minimum for NFP, were there lots of people around ? real players i mean ?

ChrisRay 07-16-05 06:20 PM

Re: Some Recent EQ 2 benchmarks.
Cities have always been CPU bound. I get the same framerates in cities on a 6800GT SLI, and a 6600GT SLI, And ya there were a decent amount of people there at the time. However I worked hard to wait it out so the data would be accurate. Since people always move. I wanted a consistent bench. There were a couple people who were standing around afk so they were always in the bench.

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