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Big Ev 07-18-05 02:47 PM

3DMark05 doesn't work on Win x64?
Hey, downloaded 3DMark05, looking to stress test my new BFG 7800GTX OC. It installed no problem, but when I run the bench test, it kicks out about half-way through I want to say. Just crashes to desktop, asks me if I want to report it to Microsoft and that's it. Does 3DMark05 not work with x64?

j0j081 07-18-05 08:33 PM

Re: 3DMark05 doesn't work on Win x64?
It works but you have to alter something. I forget what but if you go to planetamd64.com there is a big thread explaining. If you don't already visit that site it's good for other things to.

Buenamos 07-18-05 09:52 PM

Re: 3DMark05 doesn't work on Win x64?
I didn't have to alter anything. I just have the latest version with is like 1.2.0 or somethin like that and it works just dandy.

wollyka 08-08-05 01:41 PM

Re: 3DMark05 doesn't work on Win x64?
it works for me but always crash at the second game bench..
Cause:The Apache.exe was running (thx to nvidia firewall), killing the 2 apache.exe processes fix it to me (kill the smaller 7 mb process first than the other, otherwise it will regenerates..)
edit: Oops old thread :rolleyes:

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