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FraGTastiK 07-19-05 12:42 PM

thank you Cryptic!
Finally the dream comes true

new update issue #5

along with usual new zone a new less punishing debt system and tweaks
this update gave awsome defense bonus to blasters.

actually your damage scales up as your HP goes down,for instance up to 40% dmg bonus when you have <40% HP left wich I see as a defense bonus,the better a blaster attacks is kinda of a def bonus IMO

if theres anyone here who had really gone thru CoH knows that blasters had a major problem with all the aggro they drew with their high damage output and little defense.

I can control the amount of aggro I draw from mobs when I solo and I know wich foe to pick up that suits the level and powers of my blaster(s).

but when you are on a team and aggro gets loose for any given reason like when tank loses aggro,or theres no tank at all,somebody lobs a nade into a crowd of red/purple mobs just because he could or you or someone else as a blaster fires off an AoE attack without any troller holds etc... thats when all the mobs start hating the blaster !

Defiance for Blasters is a Godsend ! thank you Cryptic thank you Statesman! for listening to all the cries for blaster defense tho it came after 5 updates but its there and its great.

two new blaster primary powersets,Archery and Sonic attack,damn I have to roll 2 more blasters.this update was like every blasters dream! :angel:

I have to quit benching and buckle up for CoH again.have'nt logged in for a week now because of the comp upgrade.now this should be fun.

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