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Sorrow 07-20-05 03:24 PM

Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
Some of these are amazing.

if you have a house, post it here, I'll post mine,it's not much



ChrisRay 07-21-05 07:46 AM

Re: Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
I spent alot of gold on my house in EQ 2. I know its pointless. But it doesnt change that its nice to have a spot in a MMORPG thats yours and yours alone.

|MaguS| 07-21-05 09:54 AM

Re: Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
I had a nice apt in EQ2, spent most of my money on it. I nolonger play EQ2 so well, its rotting right now, hehe.

I do miss the game but **** SOE!

Sgt_Pitt 07-22-05 06:34 AM

Re: Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
heh my house, wish i could post thumbnails instead of hogging the page with huge pics


*Edit* Nice house and pics. But please use thumbnails with imageshack or something. ;) -ChrisRay

|MaguS| 07-22-05 06:37 AM

Re: Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
Use imageshack.us to get thumbnails...

Elderblaze 07-22-05 11:33 PM

Re: Some sweet looking EQ2 houses
the best thing about house is you can get a solid 40 FPS the whole time! Houses FTW dood!!1!

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