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rommel 12-20-02 02:52 AM

Epox Nforce2 IDE Driver?
is there anything in the works for IDE driver support....i am getting no luv out of the ide channels on this board...the rest of it is fine...i run scsi linux software raid and thats plenty fast....but my cdrw is killing me when i am ripping or burning....anyone have any info on this or suggestions....i am running gentoo linux with gcc-3.2.1 on a 2.4.20 stock linus kernel. cpu is 2800+ with 512megs of corsair pc3500 ddr. i have tried the latest ac kernel patches that include nforce support under the ide section of the kernel config but they were crap.


montjoy 01-31-03 01:45 PM

me also
Same deal here. I've got the Asus A7N8X Deluxe, and the default IDE driver is crap for this chipset. Ripping a cd will take about 60-80% of my 2600+, while it only took about 10% with my older via chipset. My Athlon 750 can do it in about 1/8th the time. I tried applying kernel pathes but they just blew up once I booted the new kernel. I also tried the lastest 2.5.x kernel which has some sort of nforce support but it wouldn't compile with that option selected. Neither of the two supplied NIC drivers will work either (running Slackware 8.1), but at least I could put in another NIC. The only thing I got to work was sound. Of course, everything works fine in Windows 2000, so I guess I'm stuck using that for a bit. It would be nice if Nvidia put some amount of effort into making a decent linux driver for this chipset.

FunkyRes 02-01-03 05:16 AM

2.4.21pre4 kernel fixes this issue.

If you run RH8 - http://homepage.mac.com/mpeters/A7N8X/

I have a 2.4.21pre4 rpm there (and instructions).

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