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aiwilson 12-20-02 08:03 AM

Linux Guru? Think you're smart? Try this one!
I just installed the NVIDIA 4191 drivers for Redhat 8.0 and X starts up just fine, however, when I try to logout of X or switch to a terminal (i.e. Ctrl-Alt F1..6) the monitors horizontal and/or vertical refresh rates go beyond its capabilities. This causes my monitor to display "Cannot display this video mode" (Dell 1702FP). I ran the xdisplay setup for the XF86Config file inside Gnome and selected the 1702FP (analog) for the monitor, so I know the XF86Config file has the correct ranges for the monitor.

Any ideas??


Wolfman [TWP] 12-20-02 08:59 AM

Just went onto the DELL site and found that it's a Flatpanel Monitor (LCD). These monitors usually have a maximum vertical refresh of around 75-85hz.

It may be possible that Linux is exceeding this rate.

I'd check the monitor manual or CD-Manual for the refresh rates for your monitor and add/modify your XF86Config file.

LCD monitors are VERY touchy when it comes to refresh rates.

This could be your problem.

Hope this helps.

aiwilson 12-20-02 09:18 AM

That's not it
1 Attachment(s)
I have setup the XF86Config file from inside Gnome with the graphical tool and Redhat 8.0 had my monitor listed with its correct settings. I verified that the correct setting was actually in the XF86Config file.

See attached XF86Config file.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-20-02 09:24 AM

Apart from needing to remove the DRI stuff on the bottom of the file. I can't see anything wrong with it.

Does the H/V sync info in this file match the manual???

aiwilson 12-20-02 09:34 AM

Rates match
The H/V rates specified does match the monitor's manual. I removed the DRI stuff from the bottom of the XF86Config file and it is still doing the same thing. I also noticed that the nVidia logo is not being display when starting X.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-20-02 09:44 AM

Have you had a previous version of the driver installed???

If so Check the /etc/modules.conf file for an entry like 'alias char-major-195 NVdriver', and remove it.

The new one should say 'alias char-major-195 nvidia' (The old entry doesn't get removed by the new driver, you must remove it manually)

For some reason Nvidia change the driver name in the 4191 drivers.

Well, it doesn't seem to be a resolution problem.. As that monitor will handle 1024x768 ok..

I'll have to lookup what needs to be entered regarding the refresh rate. At that resolution it should be around 75Hz (Guessing from the LCD monitors we use at my office at the same res..)

aiwilson 12-20-02 09:56 AM

Try again
I checked the modules.conf file and it has 'alias char-major-195 nvidia'. This is the first install of nVidia drivers on this machine.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-20-02 09:56 AM

I just found out that the horizontal specs are:

31-80 Khz and not 30-80Khz

This may very well make the difference, which 30khz is out of the monitors range.


Klaus-P 12-20-02 10:01 AM

If it's not the rate-issue then
also try to set your VGA mode used during boot to " vga = normal ".
If you use lilo you can change this in /etc/lilo.conf
and run "lilo" after the modification. If you're using grub , i don't know
but perhaps someone else.

aiwilson 12-20-02 10:15 AM

I thought we found it
I set the horizontal rates to 31-80 kHz and it still does it. I also tried setting vga=normal without any luck.

Wolfman [TWP] 12-20-02 10:20 AM

Hmmm... It's really being a bugger... This is one reason I haven't switched to LCD screens yet. I don't have this problem with my 19" Philips monitor.

Probably a long shot.. What happens when you press the AUTO button on the monitor???

And then switch screens..

aiwilson 12-20-02 10:31 AM

I tried it on a 19" Dell CRT with the exact same problem. Yeah a bugger...

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