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saturnotaku 07-22-05 10:50 AM

FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
I've been putting together a retro gaming box for some Windows 98-style lovin'. I secured a GeForce FX 5600 for cheap as it would be more than powerful enough for what I'm trying to play (nothing more intensive than Quake 3 or UT). However, I've seen some Voodoo5 5500 cars going around the web for cheap as well. I would be playing a lot of Glide-based games as well, but at the same time, 3dfx OpenGL support is virtually non-existent. For some Glide games, if I were to keep the FX 5600, I'd need to use a wrapper and we all know how those things can go.

Which would you suggest I keep the FX or get the Voodoo5 (it's an AGP card)?

Lfctony 07-22-05 10:54 AM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
Since you'll be playing oldies, the 5500 has the speed required for this. On the other hand, the 5600 is much faster but you'll be facing difficulties with your Glide games. I'd go with the 5600 if those old games support some sort of 3D acceleration besides Glide. If not, the 5500 seems to be your only choice.

saturnotaku 07-22-05 10:59 AM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
Games like Shogo, Oni, Half-Life and others all have 3D acceleration modes that work perfectly fine on both NVIDIA and 3dfx. My concerns come from games like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and High Stakes. They do run on Direct3D, but there are issues such as not being able to get resolution past 800x600 and so forth that don't exist when running in Glide mode.

Lfctony 07-22-05 11:06 AM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
Looks like compatibility is your primary target, go with the 5500. Full support and sufficient speed for oldies. :)

ChrisRay 07-24-05 01:56 AM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
Glide wrappers afaik I know work fine with Need for Speed: High stakes. Or they did anyway.

Demon_82 07-25-05 08:40 PM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
For this objetive, the 3Dfx Voodoo 5 5500 with no-official 3Dfx drivers. Back when I had the 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee I got some good drivers that added support for OpenGL perfectly for it, and even the performance improved in Glide of DirectX applications. Try searching setupgl... it's the name I think the site of some of them had.

saturnotaku 07-25-05 09:02 PM

Re: FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?
I did track down an AGP Voodoo5 for cheap. Should be arriving by the end of the week. I've been spending the last couple nights reading up on unofficial drivers and such. It's getting increasingly difficult finding good, recent sets for Windows 9x (I have no intention of running 2K or XP on this machine) but I've found a couple. Plus, the MesaFX project seems to still be alive and well, with some enterprising folks adding support for games like KOTOR and Doom 3. They've even found ways to hack the drivers to enable temporal AA. Not that the VSA-100 has remotely the horsepower to be able to do this, but it's still pretty neat.

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