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cougyr 08-08-02 09:37 PM

removing nvidia drivers safely
Having installed one nvidia driver version and attempted to upgrade with two others, I have a mess. There are files from all three versions scattered in a variety of locations and none of them add up to usable. I'd like to remove them all and start over. What's the safest way to remove them? There are diverted files that need to go back where they came from. How do I make sure that happens?

I'm running Debian.


Thunderbird 08-09-02 04:58 AM

Remove the following files: libGL.*, libglx.* and libGLcore.*. The files are all over your system. I recommend to do an updatedb and then do things like "locate libGL" to find the files.

Locations in which to look are: /usr/lib, /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions and /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers and perhaps some other locations that may contain old mesa stuff.

cougyr 08-09-02 02:53 PM

Thanks, Thunderbird. Those files were all over the place. I had always thought that upgrades replaced older versions. For some reason, my attemptes to upgrade just added to the existing files. It's no wonder that X got lost trying to negotiate the maze during boot up. Now that I have a clean slate, I can try a new set of Nvidia drivers.

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