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Celkon2069 07-23-05 11:10 PM

Everquest 2 Huge Video Bug Need Help
Alright ever since LU12 i have been getting a graphics bug almost everytime i log in. I have to keep restarting and trying to log in to get to character select without a graphics bugs because if I do get one there it crashes EQ2 then when i try to reload it i see little black squares all over my screen (only in everquest2) and it crashes again when i get to character select. On the 1-10 chances that I do get into everquest2 I have a huge graphic bugg every 30 seconds or so then i can minamize and it will go away for a short time. Im running on a top of the line dell laptop witha  Nvidia GeForce 6800 Go (the mobile one) 256mb. Please help this is getting really annoying.


|MaguS| 07-24-05 12:31 AM

Re: Everquest 2 Huge Video Bug Need Help
Either a driver issue or overheating...

Celkon2069 07-24-05 02:17 AM

Re: Everquest 2 Huge Video Bug Need Help
I usually dont restart my laptop and leave it running for week at a time. Sometimes i run 2 everquest windows open at the same time. I left my computer off for 2 hours the other turned it on and still got the same problem. Could it be permentaly damage from over heating maybe? If not i have no idea where to update drives.

jAkUp 07-24-05 02:30 AM

Re: Everquest 2 Huge Video Bug Need Help
Go here:

And download the latest drivers for your card.

|MaguS| 07-24-05 02:57 AM

Re: Everquest 2 Huge Video Bug Need Help
Well running two isntances of EQ2 would put a real stress on your laptop and sicne they usually lack any good cooling, I would think it could be due to overheating.

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