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Kruno 12-21-02 12:27 AM

Question to Ben

Catalyst issue - 12/20/02 6:58 pm - By: Ben - Source:

Seems there's an issue with the new DX9 drivers from ATI. Several friends have confirmed that OpenGL seems to have been broken on their machines of different configurations, mostly running XP but P4s and Athlon XPs alike.

I just tried the Catalyst 3.0 drivers on Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast and have noticed pronounced stuttering that wasn't present in ATI's earlier 02.5 drivers.

Other games affected by the issue I'm aware of are Quake3 Arena and Serious Sam .

Some people are apparently not affected, but I thought I'd post it.

Direct3D games run great though :)
I'm going to tease you because I don't have those problems. :p

Anyway, is there any way to check my video card's bios?
I want to compare my bios version to your Radeon 9700 Pro bios.
It seems funny that 1 lot of people have these problems and another lot do not.

Done it, used Rivatuner. Yes, I still use it as I love RT's overclocking style. :)
$ffffffffff ATI VGA BIOS information
$ffffffffff ---------------------------------------------------
$0a00000000 Title : R300 Samsung DDR BIOS P/N 113-94206-102
$0a00000001 Date/time : 2002/10/17 13:33
$0a00000002 Core clock : 325.000MHz
$0a00000003 Memory clock : 310.000MHz
$0a00000004 Minimum clock : 200.000MHz
$0a00000005 Maximum clock : 400.000MHz
$0a00000006 Reference clock : 27.000MHz

The Baron 12-21-02 11:23 AM

The ATIFLash stuff linked here might let you do it...


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