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medina_pacific 07-27-05 09:21 PM

Quadro FX 1400(PCe) with GeForce FX 5500(PCI)
I posted this in the Windows forum but now I think it might be more properly posted here.

I have a Dell Precision 370. I have been running dual FP1905 LCDs with a Quadro FX 1400 PCIe. I decided I needed more real estate so I got two more FP1905s and a GeForce FX 5500 PCI.

They don't seem to want to play together. I intermittently get the BSOD (blue screen of death) which I haven't seen much since the days of NT. The drivers are definitely hosing things.

Should I give up? Any ideas?


medina_pacific 07-28-05 09:42 PM

Re: Quadro FX 1400(PCe) with GeForce FX 5500(PCI)
I believe that I have solved the problem by following instructions. I pulled the GF5500 out, then uninstalled the nVidia drivers. After a reboot, I installed 77.72. The Q1400performed as advertised. Next I shut the system down, installed the 5500, then started the system. So far it is fire on all four. I don't get the 3-D volume render ion the GF5500 displays but that is ok. I just needed the extra screen real estate for semi-static display.

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