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moreponies 12-21-02 09:31 AM

Asus A7N8X and sound install on Suse 8.1?
Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for this question as i seems others refer to it being covered thoroughly in other threads but i just haven't found it.

I have Suse 8.1 and the Asus Nforce2 mainboard listed above, which has the Nvidia APU and i have downloaded the Kernal and GLX RPM's from Nvidia. Before that i downoaded and installed (rpm -i nvidia*) the distro specific RPM which didn't seem to do anything.


Originally posted by Mandarb1
The rpms make it really easy to install with SuSE 8.1 because YaST2 does all of the work for you. DL the rpms and then open up the rpms, click the button "Install with YaST" and it does the installing for you. The order in which you install the rpms is important also. I forget if its GLX then kernel or kernel then GLX. The readme on the nVidia webpage will say for sure.
I saw this on another thread and thought, NICE i can do this but i can't find the button for "install with YAST2" that the author is talking about in Nautilus.

I just accepted a job with a local company to so some sys admin and desktop support and one of the first things they want me to do is to determine if we can switch ALL desktops from Microsoft OS's to Suse. A bold move but intimidating to me since i know very litle about Linux. SO i am trying to learn :)

Any help is appreciated but please keep in mind that i can get aroun in the file system and do basic tasks but have not yet recompiled a kernal or anything similar.


Mandarb1 12-23-02 10:57 AM

Ah Nautilus is the Gnome file browser. I've always installed RPMs with KDE and Konqueror. I dont know if there is a similar functionality in Gnome via a GUI interface. I recommend KDE over Gnome anyday, but thats just personnel preference and I've been able to get around in KDE easier than Gnome.

moreponies 12-23-02 05:28 PM

So this button for "Intall using YAST2" is in Konquerer? Because there is a Konquerer installed as well so i can also use that to accomplish the sound card install.

I just decided to try to get familiar withone at a time and Gnome ended up being the first one i chose.


Mandarb1 12-23-02 08:09 PM

You should be able to use Konq in Gnome (not sure though...) and get those rpms installed. Most of the time, you should be in root and install those rpms just to be sure they install right. Once you install though and it comes to 100% in both blue bars (you'll see what Im talking about) and it hangs (in a regular account), it should be installed correctly. It happened to me a few times while installing rpms today, but I was able to use the apps fine after I killed the YaST window and rebooted to make sure.

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