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Ali Ra 08-09-02 12:18 AM

Geforce 4 on Redhat 7.0
I am very new to linux and I got a hold of a copy from a friend (also an idiot). I installed Redhat 7.0 on my PC with a NVidia TNT 2 Pro everything went fine. About a month ago I bought a Geforce 4 Ti 4600, when I tried to boot into linux I recived a message about a proccess being murdered!!! After a day or two of searching on the net I found a copple of pages that related it to a display problem. I have tried reinstalling Linux over and over agian but I cant seem to solve the problem. I think the Nvidia Linux drivers might work but I have no Idea how to install them because I can't even fully start linux. There was one time when I was able to log in, but the message just kept poping up.

Please Help,
Idiot Ali

BlackDogg 08-09-02 03:22 AM

Ali Ra, did you have a chance to read the readme on the nvidia site?


Also I'm also a newb with linux, but this may help you out, since I too also ran into the same problem, go to /etc/inittab, and edit it. Since you are using rh 7x, the value is prolly set at 5. You may want to try 3 instead, that way, if x starts it will just give you an error message, and bring you back to root console. This way you can diagnose your problems. After you log in, type "startx" to get into x mode.

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