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evilghost 07-31-05 09:41 PM

NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Is it possible to monitor the temperature of an NVidia card with the temp probe enabled such as the 6800GT via a gnome/nautilus applet? Is nvidia-settings the only executable that would give me such readings?

whig 08-01-05 12:30 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)

nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp -q GPUAmbientTemp | grep -v "is a"
and extend.

Thunderbird 08-01-05 06:14 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Another option is to use NVClock for hardware monitoring (the cvs version), it also supports fanspeed adjustments on cards that support it and it supports some cards which are not supported by nvidia-settings.

evilghost 08-01-05 08:28 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Thanks guys for the info.

evilghost 08-01-05 08:54 PM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
I'm a VB/PHP/ASP guy with some light bash/PERL, so programming isn't foreign to me. I can tell you I know this isn't the best way to do things at all, but consider this "pseudo-code" as a POC of what I want to do.

I want a Gnome applet to output the same results, without the constant disk I/O and gross inefficiencies of calling the same program over and over to take a temp reading piped to stdout. Does such an application already pre-exist? Is there an "SDK" (That's the Win32 in me) that would allow me to tap such a low-level resource, or am I looking at some goofy (read as, over my head, I'm only a higher-language guy) polling?


luser@400sc:~$ cat temp.sh
nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp|grep Att|awk '{print "Core: " $4*9/5+32 " F"}'
sleep 1
sh ./temp.sh

arokh 08-02-05 09:56 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
There's a library I think, that comes with the sources of nvidia-settings. The tarball should be on nvidia's FTP I believe, it was also posted on this forum a couple of weeks ago.

evilghost 08-02-05 10:00 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Yeah, I just thought about that before I read your post, I remember seeing some changes to nvidia-settings allowing Coolbits settings to be remembered, before 7667 (I think) where you could adjust them via the command-line.

If I come up with anything decent, I'll be sure to publish it for download.

Lithorus 08-02-05 01:43 PM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Also take a look at this :

evilghost 08-02-05 04:11 PM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)

Originally Posted by Lithorus

Thanks, I looked at the python code and it's calling nvidia-settings as well as nvclock, so it's just as inefficient as my bash code because it's still calling external binaries instead of polling the card using APIs.

arokh 08-02-05 04:54 PM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
You don't need to start from scratch, http://sensors-applet.sourceforge.net/ is exactly what you want, create a patch for that.

If you can do this I love you :)

zander 08-03-05 12:51 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
The source for the `nvidia-settings` application is available from: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nvidia-settings/. This package also includes information about the NVIDIA NV-CONTROL extension and how to interface with it (documentation and example code).

evilghost 08-03-05 09:04 AM

Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)
Thanks Zander, I actually grabbed the source earlier and had looked through it. Only issue is I lack even the most basic form of proficiency with C, or coding for a GTK application. While I am good at PHP and the language constructs are similiar, this isn't enough for me :(

Anyone who would like to take this and run with it, please do so. There is a legitimate demand for such a solution, just look at the number of reads on this topic.

As I have free time, I will continue to muddle with the C code, but an application of this complexity (or at least, perceived complexity) is most likely going to be out of my grasp due to inexperience with C.

If someone can jump in and deliver a solution, in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, I will gladly sing your praises.

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