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lunix 08-09-02 02:30 AM

Detonator 29.42 vs. 30.82 driver performance
1 Attachment(s)
Please view the attachment. I compiled it for those looking for more than a subjective opinion on how the new dets perform.

Lars 08-09-02 04:16 AM

Nice work there :) Very consistent with my experience as well. Too bad Aniso. + FSAA performance hasn't improved one bit :( But then again live streaming now does work, which is nice :p

Matthyahuw 08-09-02 09:23 AM

nice work! I'll tell the front newspage about it! ;)

lunix 08-09-02 11:20 AM

Ha ha all that work for the most unexciting news ever. Even with the drivers going through a major revision number change the performance is almost identical for DX.

imtim83 08-09-02 01:52 PM

Will we get more new drivers from nvidia that does speed up the GF4 ti 4400 speed pretty much or a lot, in no FSAA or AA and with FSAA and AA on maximum ?


lunix 08-09-02 02:17 PM

I would like to see that too! I had really high hopes last night when I started benchmarking but it would appear that performance wise nothing has changed.
It was nice of NVIDIA to provide some hooks in the driver to allow the tweakers of the world to play though.
Thanks Matthyahuw for getting me on the front page, I also saw a link on [H]. One evenings bordom turns into 15 minutes fame :)

imtim83 08-09-02 02:19 PM

lunix do you think nvidia will release a lot faster drivers soon ? Like right when the ATi 9700 comes out ?

lunix 08-09-02 02:25 PM

intim83, I have no friggin idea. What with the architecture being around so long I wouldnt hold my breath for any more large improvements. Not that they wouldnt be welcomed. I have to remind myself that a year ago if someone would have told me that I would be getting over 10k 3dmarks I would have laughed in their face.

Lars 08-09-02 02:27 PM

Well, I think what most of us really want is better FSAA + Anisotropic performance, isn't it? I've got a kick-a** 3D performance whitour either of them (my 3DMark2001se score at default is 14.500+), but what I'd really like is better performance at 1280z1024x32 4xFSAA and 4x Ani. Here I get around 3100 3dmarks for comparisons sake. Right now performance is actually sufficient at 1280x1024x32 with 4xFSAA for most games (I do sims mostly, like FS2002, GP4) but 4x Ani looks SO much better, but it does push even the almighty Ti4600, overclocked too, a little over the edge. That wouldn't happen I suppose, if the fillrate wasn't cut in half when Ani. filtering is enabled. I will continue to hope, but it may look like an upgrade instead :(

imtim83 08-09-02 02:27 PM

lunix true and right now people will laugh about 20000 to 30000 3dmark2001SE scores. But we will have those kind of scores in 3dmark2001SE at least 1 to 3 years from now.

BrianG 08-10-02 07:43 AM

On the news page.

Keep in mind that the changes made to the driver set did not hurt performance. If you recalll back to the TNT days, a new driver set was released that really hurt the TNT's performance. This lead to a lot of driver mixing to get the right balance of speed and stability. No such concern nowadays...

In the weeks before the new product launches, there are several driver revs designed to get the new products working with out taking down the legacy chips. Expect more lateral gains.

DIMA 08-10-02 08:06 AM

A big aniso perfomance increase can be achieved using the latest release of Riva Tuner! :D

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