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Doddie 08-02-05 01:49 PM

Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
Whenever i right click on a video file, *.avi *.mpeg etc, the screen goes black for a second or 2 before the drop down menu appears.
Has anyone else experienced this and know of a way to stop it happening?

My previous card was an MX440 and did the same thing. Both cards are AGP, and both cards do not have this problem if i roll back to the 44.xx drivers.
I've just downloaded and installed the 77.77 drivers and it still happens.

My specs are:
Winxp pro
AMD 2600XP
Abit NF7
FX5500 256MB AGP

The workings of a video card are very much a black art to me, no matter how much i read about the various settings etc. my brain just refuses to take it in.

All suggestions appreciated.

adrichardson 08-07-05 07:39 AM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
When the icons are displayed in windows explorer, which view do you use? I think thumbnail mode and/or the sidebar shows a preview of the movie. Setting it to show the details may solve that.

Doddie 08-10-05 09:48 PM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I have windows explorer set to view > List.

What is really strange is that XP is now intermittently having this problem.
For the most part the problem is there but occasionally right out of the blue i'll get a 'beep' and the 'new hardware found' icon on my taskbar.
Windows doesn't report that it's found new hardware or that its looking for new hardware. It just makes the noise, the icon appears on the taskbar and then disappears again leaving me none the wiser to what has happened or why.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into replying adrichardson its appreciated :-)

I'm now very curious about one thing.... am i the only person on the planet having this problem? I never considered myself as computer illiterate before, but now i'm starting to wonder :eek:

Rose9994You 09-02-05 11:06 AM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
Hi Doddie

I have the Same Problem but with 5200 . Lets Pray that anyone can solve our Problem.

My specs are:
Win2003 Enterprice
Intel P4 2.4
5200 64MB AGP

SirJpg 09-02-05 04:39 PM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
Same here, and also the problem appears when I try to delete the .avi files :@

P.D. When I run a Java aplication, the whole screen becomes "blurred"... any advice on this?

gstanford 09-03-05 07:45 AM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
First thing to do would be download the latest drivers for your card.

I strongly suggest you try the Extreme-G drivers from www.tweaksrus.com

After that, use either nVidia's builtin application profile tool or nhancer from www.nhancer.com to create profiles for internet explorer or whatever browser you use and windows media player or whatever media player you use. In these profiles, disable Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.

mx125race 09-03-05 01:42 PM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
make sure the drivers u use are windows xp compatible. if not, that could be the problem...

Doddie 12-22-05 01:03 PM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
I did say it was small but annoying, thats my excuse for not getting back to the thread sooner anyway :)

I've just tried gstanford's suggestion with the latest Extreme-G driver (81[1].95.v2) disabling Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. I've also tried the latest, released today, nvidia driver (81.98) and the black screen still happens before the drop down menu appears.
Interestingly, i've noticed that the delay disappears if i have the nvidia properties window open, the only problem with that is, the properties window jumps to become the 'on top' window but behind the drop down menu, if that makes any sense to you?
Perhaps the problem is related to the nvidia application and not necessarily the driver as such, as it's almost like windows is trying to check with the software what kind of file it is before it proceeds?

Thanks again.

p.s. SirJpg, you probably solved your java problem long ago, but just in case... try visiting www.java.com and downloading the latest version of their runtime environment.

Doddie 12-25-05 12:12 PM

Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.
Solved! Well in a fashion anyway.
I've just plugged in a new Samsung 19" TFT monitor and updated the monitor driver, the right click problem has now gone.
I can only think that the problem was the driver for my old GNR 17" CRT monitor (CM1772FS)?
According to the info from the .inf file, the driver on the disc suppied with the monitor was released in March 2002 (ver 0.3).
Strangely, the .inf file available from http://www.gnr.co.uk/ was released on August 2001 (ver 0.1)?
Neither drivers solved the problem.

Make of this what you will, its unlikely i'll return to my old GNR monitor, I hope its of some use to anyone with the problem.


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