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danly 08-02-05 10:47 PM

Segmentation fault on app exit
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I'm sure this'll be an easy to answer question as I have a feeling it's due to a faulty install. (I installed over a previous version, then attempted removing everything and reinstalling when this problem started occuring).

I have an FX5600 and on exit every GL application segfaults. I ran xscreensaver-demo through gdb and got this:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 1084133568 (LWP 16479)]
0x40493c43 in gdk_screen_get_display () from /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0

My onboard video is incredibly unstable. It seems to lock up at random intervals. I've been reading through this forum and tried just about every recommended fix for various kernel/bios/xf86config combination but to no avail. It's an nforce2 (biostar ideq 200n).

Any thoughts?


netllama 08-03-05 11:28 AM

Re: Segmentation fault on app exit
Can you try adding the following nvidia device option to your X configuration:
Option "NvAGP" "1"


danly 08-03-05 12:07 PM

Re: Segmentation fault on app exit
Tried that... As AGPGART was already being loaded by the kernel I tried removing it as well, forcing it to use NvAGP. No avail, same problems. This was on kernel 2.6.8.


rods 08-30-05 08:06 AM

Re: Segmentation fault on app exit
Running a 2.6.9 kernel. When using XDMCP or vncviewer, (or tightvnc) KDE apps segfault on exit. The same apps (ie. kdevelop, kpoker, etc) work fine locally.

This does not happen on systems without Nvidia present.

Any thoughts?

Rod Swenson

netllama 08-30-05 09:22 AM

Re: Segmentation fault on app exit
Please post a bug report. When you say that the segfaults do not happen on systems without NVIDIA present, do you mean NVIDIA hardware, or the NVIDIA driver?

On how many systems are you seeing this behavior? Are all of the systems identical in terms of software & hardware?


rods 08-30-05 10:36 AM

Re: Segmentation fault on app exit

When I remove the nvidia package, restoring the original libraries, the segfaults stop.

On a system where there is no nvidia card or driver there are no segfaults.

I will submit a bug report as you requested.

Best Regards,


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