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Lirelent 08-03-05 08:43 PM

nforce pro dhcpcd not working
i have a foxconn nfpik8aa motherboard based on the nforce pro chipset. There is a pair of gigabit ethernet jacks intergated, that use the nforce chipset. I'm running gentoo 2.6.12-r6. I used the patch from http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...o+member+named

to get the latest nvidia installer to work for the nvnet module. nvnet modprobes just fine and i can see both the ethernet ports with ifconfig, but when i do a dhcpcd eth0 it doesn't work or when i set up manually i can't get a ping responce from my router. Any ideas?

Lirelent 08-04-05 07:36 PM

Re: nforce pro dhcpcd not working
well the problem is that the network wants IRQ#23 and if you turn off everything that wants to use that IRQ#23 then it works... other wise it trys to share 23 and doesn't work.

Lirelent 08-05-05 06:47 AM

Re: nforce pro dhcpcd not working
Does anyone know if this is an issue with my kernel or with the drivers? If i turn off acpi the IRQ stuff seems to work a bit better but then my PCIE 6200 disappers from lspci and everything else. Any help or at least ideas as to what my problem is would be greatly appreciated.

Lirelent 12-12-05 11:37 AM

Re: nforce pro dhcpcd not working
soooo.... yea this still doesn't work

netllama 12-12-05 12:01 PM

Re: nforce pro dhcpcd not working
Is there a reason why you can't use the forcedeth driver?


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